France 2009, Miscellaneous Photos

These are photos that I didn't feel fit into the "flow" of the main photos, but were nevertheless good photos.

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Image france2009misc.20090812.1365.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 83079 b
Image france2009misc.20090814.1444.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 254236 b
Image france2009misc.20090816.1529.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 233117 b
Image france2009misc.20090816.1535.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 109437 b
Image france2009misc.20090816.1701.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 236714 b
Image france2009misc.20090817.1750.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 251125 b
Image france2009misc.20090820.2075.GO.CanonSX10.html, size 312152 b 
by giles