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I went out to Wat Ban Na Muang (Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand) a couple days ago and was very happy to find myself staring at the place with my mouth open. Good to know there are still things that take me by surprise, surpass my expectations. This picture is the main entrance to the Wat, and, as I hope you can see by the picture, you can get a good sized truck under that elephant. It's HUGE. And inside the compound is more to fit with the scale and style of the gate: the main building is very large, and houses a really big seated Buddha. That didn't actually draw my attention, as I've seen it before. But one of the smaller buildings was wonderful: it's played as being on the deck of a very long, narrow, and ornate ship - complete with 40 or so large concrete rowers with big paddles held raised in the air.

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Photo © 2008, Giles Orr 
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