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The eyes of this Buddha are particularly disconcerting (sorry, it doesn't show well in the picture). I would hesitate to call them "realistic," but they're disconcerting and mesmerizing. They're three foot pieces of glass made by the local Na-Gar Glass Factory which I visited the last time I was in Yangon. Na-Gar is a very low tech place, producing some rather simple but nice products. The owner seems to always be happy to give tours - he doesn't advertise locally, but his factory is in just about every tourist guidebook there is. He's proud of the eyes and likes to talk about them: they were difficult, and required dozens of attempts to finally produce a product to stare you down.

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Image #20051128-YangonChauktatgyiRecliningBuddhaFace
Photo © 2008, Giles Orr 
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