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How to change Kinesis Advantage keyboard switches the hard way (don't do this). The Cherry Clear key switches I bought to replace the Cherry Brown key switches in the Kinesis Advantage didn't have diodes in them. I disassembled every brown key (the two heaps at the top), removed the diode, disassembled each clear key, inserted a diode, and reassembled the clear keys (but not the brown keys). The two red ovals indicate a diode about to come out of a disassembled brown key and where the diode is going to land in the disassembled clear key.

Having done it this way, I can assure you it's both faster and easier to solder the diodes onto the boards separately. I've done it both ways now: trust me, I know.

Image images/kinesis-clear/20140705.0107.hilite.GO.CanonSX150.web.jpg, size 132813 b
Image #20140705.0107.hilite.GO.CanonSX150
Photo © 2014, Giles Orr 
by giles