'Wrath of Man' - Movie Review

Jason Statham is "H," or Patrick Hill, who we first meet as he joins Fortico as an armoured truck guard a few months after an incident where one of their trucks was robbed and the two guards killed. He gets his training and barely passes. He's also not particularly friendly to his co-workers. But when someone attempts to rob the truck he's in a few days later, he cooly steps out and takes out six armed assailants without getting a scratch. After establishing what a bad-ass he is, the movie starts digging into his back story, and the back stories of everyone around him. There are multiple flashbacks, all clearly labelled per their time period.

The movie is directed by Guy Ritchie. I haven't loved his movies, but the better known ones have at least been interesting and usually humourous. But not this time: this is a grim, dark revenge flick from end to end, without a single likeable person in sight - and not much to hold the interest other than who dies next. Which isn't something I find very rewarding. Worse, I guessed the inside man, and I knew the worst bad guy would die last and I knew who would kill him. I suppose there were some surprises, but they were more in the form of improbable events meant to raise the tension (without much success) than story points that appealed.

If you like revenge flicks with massive collateral damage and nothing but reprehensible people, this is the flick for you. I could acknowledge it as decent or good without liking any of the characters ... if there'd been some damn point. But there wasn't, just ... revenge.