'Wonder Woman' - Movie Review

DC Comics must be so pleased - after an ugly dry spell marked by failures like "Suicide Squad," "Batman v Superman," and "Green Lantern," they finally have a hit with the critics again. Rightly so: it combines a good performances by Gal Gadot and Chris Pine with fairly good period accuracy, and lots of action. Gadot is Diana, raised as a princess on the island of the Amazons - and trained to be perhaps the best hand-to-hand warrior in the world. When a fleeing American spy (Pine) followed by a bunch of Germans arrives at their island (the first outsiders to visit in an unspecified but very long period of time), she insists on accompanying him to the outside world in the naive belief that she can terminate the Great War (World War I). This sets up her innocence against the practicalities of war. Gadot and Pine are very good together, and the movie is for the most part quite good - although the ending soured me slightly.

Less important but historically annoying:

  • the Germans weren't flying Fokker Eindeckers in 1918
  • you don't follow a stolen Eindecker with boats (particularly not row boats), you follow it with planes
  • a sail boat doesn't go from North Africa to London overnight