'We Can Be Heroes' - Movie Review

Robert Rodriguez's filmography is really weird. He started his career with "El Mariachi" in 1992, and has spent his time bouncing between violent action movies and wholesome kids movies - most famously "Spy Kids" (which I like, although I'm not a fan of the sequels). This one is aimed not just at kids, but young kids. I mean ... the conclusion is "everybody should get along, love their family, and kids should be in charge."

In classic Rodriguez style, everything is colourful and over-the-top and crazy. Earth is being attacked by aliens, and they capture all of our greatest superheroes. The only people left to save the Earth are the superheroes' children, who squabble but eventually rise to the task.

It's not bad, but it doesn't manage to be the kind of deranged fun that the first "Spy Kids" achieved, and it doesn't have the depth or nods-to-parents that Pixar often manages. I guess this would be a good movie to leave your young kids with? (I'm not a parent, so the value of my opinion on that should be approximately zero.) But it's not something adults should watch.

And yes, they used the David Bowie song.