Wat Phu Champasak

Most of a temple ... with the foreground littered with more pieces of the temple.

Wat Phu Champasak is in the south of Laos, an old Khmer Hindu temple. I found several different statements about its age on the internet, none of which agreed. The youngest it would appear to be is 800 years old. To me the incredibly heavy construction style suggests something older than that. It's a huge site climbing up the side of a large hill to a small shrine. There are four or five buildings, long promenades, and crooked, steep stairs. There are also Frangipani trees - they're in bloom but had no leaves, which gives a very strange feel. The trees are probably one to two hundred years old. They're very beautiful, but they're also tearing up the stonework. Wat Phu is similar to Angkor Wat in Cambodia (and other Khmer sites), although not nearly as big.

A very old cobbled walkway and stairs lined with Frangipani trees in bloom.