'Warcraft' - Movie Review

Duncan Jones' first movie was "Moon," a science fiction movie that reminded the world that good SF was worth watching and made you think. And I thought "here's someone to watch." "Moon" was a small budget movie. Jones's next movie was "Source Code," which ... was pretty good, although I didn't like it much. But then this. I'm kind of at a loss for words: it's so bad on every level possible, it's quite breath-taking.

Based on the world's most famous MMORPG, the movie pits humans against orcs. The orcs are violent but noble, led by an incredibly evil sorcerer.

The effects are awful. The scenery is supposed to be pretty, but it just looks like it was generated in a computer. The acting is appalling (although they had some decent actors on payroll). You know you've got acting problems when the best work on screen is done by former fashion model Travis Fimmel. The dialogue is laughable. The plot is ridiculous. The run-time (123 minutes) painful (although it would have hurt at any length). And I haven't yet covered the orcs trying to talk around the massive tusks sticking out of their mouths. Toward the end Dominic Cooper begs Paula Patton to kill him, "I can't stand to be in the inevitable sequel!!"

The movie was a domestic disaster, but a roaring success overseas - particularly in China. Sadly, the sequel they so blatantly set up may in fact come about.