'Van Life' - TV Review

"Van Life" is a one hour TV documentary about Americans adopting a nomadic, van-based lifestyle. Oddly, it's a French production, although all the dialogue is in English as is the narration. The one weird side effect of the original language is the maps of the U.S. we see for only a few seconds, that say "Californie," "Caroline du Sud," "Nouveau-Mexique," and several others. And yet some, like "Nevada" and "Kentucky," escape with their original names.

The movie concentrates on several sets of people - one young woman starting out in an unfinished van, a couple who use product placements in their popular photos to finance a lifestyle they've been living for a couple years, a retired couple in an off-road-equipped van, a couple with a 4 year old who set up beer stands across the country ... It's a strange list.

I suppose I was hoping for a HOW TO (I've been a fan of travel for a couple decades, and this idea really appeals to me), but this is of course far too short to provide that. What it did point out is that if you're in a van (as opposed to a camper), you're not getting a shower every day. I don't like that ...

Not too bad a documentary, but too short to offer much more than a quick overview.