'Underworld: Blood Wars' - Movie Review

My only excuse for watching this is that I still think that the original movie ("Underworld") is one of the masterpieces of cheesy action horror. Yes, it was cheesy, but it had an enjoyable line-up of A-listers (or soon-to-be-A-listers in the case of Michael Sheen), it was surprisingly well thought out, and the action was really good. But the sequels (and prequel) - all of which I've seen - are horrible. And the last two are starting to make the first sequel look pretty good ...

Kate Beckinsale (I can only imagine how much money they pay her to make her keep returning to this atrocious series) is back as Selene, the renegade and much modified vampire warrior. She's doing her best to stay out of the never-ending war with the Lycans (werewolves), but the Lycans have a new leader Marius (Tobias Menzies) and her best bud David (Theo James) from the last movie wants her fighting with the vampires.

Unlike the last film, this movie does have more than 30 seconds of plot development. Perhaps it's only compared to that one that I felt this had something resembling a plot, but most of the 90 minute run-time is still given over to action. Marius has new super Lycan powers, so it's pretty much inevitable that Selene gets a power-up too. I have to admit that not only is there a marked similarity to a video game, but also to the never-ending "Resident Evil" series of films (although they claim the last was "The Final Chapter") in which Alice keeps getting upgrades. And that's not a comparison I like.

Garbage. Avoid.