'Three Identical Strangers' - Movie Review

This 2018 documentary is about the 1980 discovery of three young men, all adopted, that they are identical triplets separated at birth. The movie opens with David Kellman talking about going to college for the first time, and everyone welcoming him back warmly - as Eddy (Galland). When that story broke in the news, a third brother (Robert Shafran) was found. They did the celebrity circuit and partied hard. Then they opened a restaurant in New York together - but it eventually fell apart because, as one of their relatives pointed out, they hadn't had a lifetime together to understand their differences. They'd only really looked at their similarities - which, it's true, were many.

There's a joy to their discovery and reunion that buoys the first twenty minutes of the movie. But then the question becomes "how and why were they separated?" And the answer to that is unpleasant, and leads to a number of other unhappy discoveries.

This is inevitably tied to "Twinsters" in my mind. This is a more traditional documentary, but almost as good - and as I consider "Twinsters" to be outstanding, that's pretty good.