'The Voices' - Movie Review

Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) works in a bathtub factory in a small town. He's socially awkward, and seeing a court-mandated psychiatrist (Jacki Weaver). She asks if he hears voices and he says no, she asks if he takes his drugs and he says maybe. In his apartment, he talks to his dog and cat (who talk back to him). After a company party, he starts seeing more of Fiona (Gemma Arterton) and Lisa (Anna Kendrick), and things go a little off the rails. (This, by the way, is far less of a spoiler than you'll get from the trailer(s) - or even the movie poster!).

This movie came recommended by my brother, and I'm often a fan of horror comedy. Another thing that made it interesting to me is the director: Marjane Satrapi, best known for writing one of the world's best graphic novels, Persepolis - which she also directed as an excellent animated movie.

Reynolds is proud of this movie, and thinks it's some of his best work - while I didn't love the movie, I'd say he's right. The character of Jerry remains tonally consistent as he goes from goofy guy singing as he works in the bathtub factory to bewildered in the face of the deaths he causes to confused by the moral conundrums thrown up by his pets. And that's a hell of an achievement, for which credit is due to Reynolds - but also the director and writer. And yet it wasn't quite my kind of humour. I watched all this grotesque and bloody comedy with a slight smile, but never actually laughed. Partly because it felt kind of inevitable - the trailer and the poster meant that I already knew which people were going to die. These things happened in unexpected ways, but with the humour not quite going my way, this wasn't really my thing.