'The Machine' - Movie Review

Vincent McCarthy (played by Toby Stephens) is an programmer and AI researcher with the British military in a near future where the big enemy is the Chinese. He's mostly working on implants to assist veterans with brain damage, but he's also working on building an intelligent machine. When his latest assistant (Caity Lotz, best known as "The Canary" from the "Arrow" TV series ... and her acting hasn't improved any) dies just after he'd fully modeled her brain, he uses her as a model for an AI machine. His boss (Denis Lawson) forces the research into a more military bent.

A close relative of the brilliant "Ex Machina," this one was made on a lower budget, doesn't look as good and isn't as well acted ... but shouldn't be discounted. It's seriously creepy and quite thought-provoking. Definitely worth a look.