'The Little Hours' - Movie Review

A bizarrely American take on a part of The Decameron. And for once, it being "American" isn't all bad. An entirely American cast goes to Italy and improvs very old bawdy stories in modern American English. It sounds bizarre and it is, but it's also pretty funny. Alison Brie, Kate Micucci, and Aubrey Plaza are three nuns - none of whom are exactly righteous sisters of God - in a nunnery with a drunken priest (John C. Reilly in a pleasantly subdued role) and, shortly added into the mix, a good-looking young man (Dave Franco) that all of the women want to sleep with. It gets weirder from there.

Whether or not you'll like the movie is going to be very dependent on your sense of humour. It's crass and crazy, but worked for me in part because the rivalries and tensions of the nunnery are portrayed as being essentially the same as those of the rest of the world. And, as much as religious orders try to portray themselves as being separated from the rest of us, they're still human.