'The Last Witch Hunter' - Movie Review

Vin Diesel stars (he was also a producer) in this critical failure and box office ... break-even. He's shown first 800 years ago, trying to destroy the evil Witch Queen - who curses him with ever-lasting life. 800 years later in modern day New York, he works for the religious order The Axe and Cross, still hunting down bad witches. His handler (Michael Caine) dies, and is replaced by a new one (Elijah Wood - Vin Diesel makes camp movies but still pulls in some big names). He tries to trace the memories of his death (also his rebirth ...) with the assistance of modern witch Chloe (Rose Leslie of "Game of Thrones" fame).

Cheesy as hell, and nearly as bad as the critics branded it, but I guess it was my kind of silly because I enjoyed it.

They set up a sequel that will never come given the poor box office performance. And the credits mention film credits/assistance from: British Columbia, Australia, Pennsylvania, Quebec, and Ontario ... that's a lot of locations!