'The Guilty' - Movie Review

Original Danish title: "Den skyldige."

The tensest movie you're ever likely to see about a man on a phone for an hour and a quarter. That may sound like snark, but it's amazement. The movie consists of Asger Holm (played by Jakob Cedergren) talking on a phone from a police emergency centre for 80 minutes. By rights it should be about as exciting as watching grass grow: instead you'll be on the edge of your seat. This has all the tension that "Locke" was aiming for and (to my mind anyway) failed to find.

Asger is a bit of a prick. He's stuck taking Emergency service calls because of an upcoming trial, and when he gets a guy who's overdosed on speed his response is to tell the guy it's his own fault. I'm not saying he's wrong - it's just that you make sure the person is okay first before going all self-righteous ... He's trying to do his best, truly he is, but he has a temper, he's self-righteous, and his escalating responses to stress just aren't quite what they should be for a police man ... The ending is heart-breaking, but appropriate. All he does is walk out of the station, but his life has changed completely. Highly recommended.

Wikipedia says it's in line for an American remake starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Too bad - better to see this excellent production.