'The Good Place' Season 3 - TV Review

Previous seasons: 1, 2.

Season 3 of "The Good Place" has landed recently on Netflix (as the final season (4) plays out on NBC). This review is spoiler-free, mostly because it's almost content-free.

I thought season 2 was, if anything, slightly better than season 1. Unfortunately, season 3 isn't better than season 2, or even season 1. It's still fun, and even if you don't like it you've only lost 13 X 22 minutes out of your life - it's short. We have less of Chidi teaching us moral philosophy, that was an aspect of the show I really enjoyed. More importantly to most people, it's less funny. Fortunately, the show runners seem to be aware that the show is fading, and have made the excellent choice to end with season 4 - which they set up quite well at the end of season 3.