"The Go-Go's" - Movie Review

The meteoric rise and demise of the Go-Go's, and their eventual reconciliation. The Go-Go's were (per the movie - and depressingly accurate) the first all-female band that wrote their own material and played their own instruments. They rose out of the punk scene in Los Angeles, but ended up being famous for music that would more likely be called "Pop Rock." You may have heard "Our Lips Are Sealed" or "We Got the Beat?"

The movie is essentially a series of talking heads (the band members, but also former band members, music press reporters, people from bands that toured with them ...) interspersed with old photos and some video footage. It doesn't sound terribly exciting, but they do it sequentially and the end result is fascinating, building a great picture.

One thing this movie did for me was prove how incredibly accurate Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous" was - the drugs, the discomforts of touring, the bickering about who's worth more to the group, the interpersonal politics ... It's all in Crowe's movie, and almost exactly as we see it here.