'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' - Movie Review

Most people know this story - probably more people than know the original "Terminator," this being one of those rare instances when the sequel exceeds the original. The CG graphics are very early in the history of computer-generated graphics, but James Cameron (the director) made sure they looked as good as they could at the time and the idea of a "liquid metal" Terminator was perfectly suited to what was available then - the end result being that the graphics still look okay (although not great) in 2018.

I like to remember that supporting cast member Linda Hamilton was only known for the cheesy 80s TV series "Beauty and the Beast" before her abrupt transition to the role of Sarah Connor in the original "Terminator." In this movie, she's locked up in an insane asylum because of her ranting about the machines from the future, and spends her days exercising like a maniac (she was incredibly buff for this movie) and trying to escape. Then, one of the machines comes for her son - who is more than a little surprised to find out that his Mom was telling the truth ... This also allows the interesting reversal of having the original T-800 terminator A) be the hero, and B) be outdated.

And I love that this isn't a movie that tries to blow up the world. Yes, they're fighting for the future of the humanity, but it comes down to a few people fighting for their lives.

Worth seeing if you haven't.