'Stake Land' - Movie Review

It's a violent horror movie - but it's not about the horror. It's about survival and people.

Martin (Connor Paolo) is our teenage protagonist who gives us our voice-over - taken under the wing of Mister (Nick Damici), an accomplished vampire killer. After the world is over-run by a vampire epidemic, Martin's parents and baby sibling are killed by a vampire, and the vampire is killed by Mister. They set out, hunting vampires and headed toward "New Eden," a place that's supposed to be free of vampires.

As they travel, they cross paths with "The Brotherhood," a religious group who believe the vampires are a good thing. It doesn't help that The Brotherhood's leader's brother was an aspiring rapist that Mister killed. They acquire - and lose - several traveling companions during the course of the movie.

Low budget but surprisingly decent. Also seriously depressing.