'Spectral' - Movie Review

"Spectral" is a military SF movie from Netflix. Soldiers fighting insurgents in Moldova are being killed by what appear to be smears on their hyperspectral imaging googles. So the inventor of the goggles (James Badge Dale) is flown to Moldova to work with one of the military teams in the area and a CIA specialist (Emily Mortimer) to figure out what's going on. With equipment he brings with him, they're able to determine that the essentially invisible apparitions are human in shape, but it's a while before they figure out how to fight them.

The special effects are pretty cool, but the eventual explanation takes a few big words from science (like "Bose-Einstein Condensate") and makes no damn sense at all. There's some passable acting in there, but the movie's not really about that. So the final product is mildly entertaining if you like that kind of thing, but not even good by genre standards.