'Smallfoot' - Movie Review

Many children's movies these days are works of art or aimed at adults as much as children - so much so that I become disappointed when I encounter one that's just a children's movie. I generally watch them based on reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. You can dismiss my dislike of this film as being caused by my dislike of musicals. I can get past that dislike if they're good enough, "Tangled" being the best in-genre example: "Smallfoot" definitely didn't manage to pull that off.

Our hero is the Yeti Migo (voiced by Channing Tatum), living high up on a mountain peak in the Himalayas. When he's banished from the village for asking too many questions, he ends up descending the mountain and finding the titular "smallfoot" below the clouds.

The movie has a moral conclusion I found a bit surprising (and reasonably positive) in a children's movie: "the truth is messy and difficult, but it's better than living a lie." But for the most part it's goofy silliness with lots of colourful action and no particular redeeming features for adults.