'Shadow in the Cloud' - Movie Review

Chloƫ Grace Moretz stars as flight officer Maude Garrett assigned to a B-17 cargo flight loaded with sexist assholes. She's carrying a top secret package, which she surprisingly readily entrusts to the top turret gunner, and is then loaded into the bottom turret for take-off. Her time in the turret listening to and participating in the in-plane comms chatter was passable drama ... with a bit of the supernatural thrown in.

Inevitably, what's in the package is a big reveal part way through the movie. Since it's already been made clear that this movie has fantasy elements - and we've seen that the contents of the package caused light to glow on Maude's skin - I found the big reveal to be disappointingly boring. Although some credit is due that I totally did not guess what was coming, and the logic - of that piece of the story anyway - made some sense. And for the first hour, that was enough: the story was unexpected, unpredictable, and at least mildly interesting. But around the hour mark, our heroine gets out of the turret and crawls around the underside of the wing of a flying B-17 bomber - right after the pilot says "evasive manoeuvres!" Those never actually happen, they just fly a perfectly straight line as they're strafed by several enemy planes. The cruising speed of a B-17 is 180mph, and even without "evasive manoeuvres" it wouldn't be humanly possible to do that.

Yup, there's me enforcing physics when I'm supposed to be suspending disbelief. But this is one of those times when the physics is so broken I simply can't.

It got even stupider from there, with the big bad coming back from death a couple times, and Maude being a bad-ass heroine despite debilitating injuries. I'm all for bad-ass heroines. But please, I'm begging you: put them in decent movies. Not this.