'Searching for Dragons' - Book Review

Searching for Dragons
by Patricia C. Wrede
Magic Carpet Books / Harcourt, 242p.

Sequel to Dealing With Dragons. This time the main point-of-view is Mendanbar, king of the Enchanted Forest. He has a loathing of princesses, who are all troublesome and silly. Anyone who read the previous book can guess that he's about to meet Cimorene - who is an intelligent and practical princess.

Once again, it seems that wizards (not magicians or sorcerers or witches, all of which are different) are causing problems - this time in the Enchanted Forest. Mendabar goes on a journey to find out what's happening, and eventually encounters Cimorene when he goes to meet the King of the Dragons. They go on a quest together to solve the problem.

Fast-paced, silly, and enjoyable, it's a good follow-up to the original book.