'The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow' - Movie Review

Is it "Anime" if it's from Korea rather than Japan?

The movie starts with the Korean satellite KITSAT-1 describing her life to us as she orbits the planet. But she's drawn down to earth by the voice of a boy she hears. Unfortunately, the boy has just been turned into a milk cow (this is what happens when your heart is broken - you turn into some form of animal) and The Incinerator is trying to eat him. The Incinerator is several storeys high, and goes around capturing lovelorn animals and throwing them into its burning heart. Fortunately, Merlin - re-incarnated as a roll of toilet paper - directs KITSAT's fall to hit The Incinerator. This doesn't destroy The Incinerator, but slows it enough that Milk Cow is saved. KITSAT is reincarnated as a human, with some features of a rocket. KITSAT and Merlin end up living with Milk Cow and his semi-sentient dog (who does part of the house work). They make money by selling Milk Cow's milk (yes, "his" - he's a milkable male cow).

Wait, wait, I forgot - there's also the weird dude who slides in and out of mirrors, and uses a toilet plunger to steal the livers of the lovelorn animals to sell on the black market.

And it's all set in modern day Seoul.

I spent the first half hour just giggling at the insanity: it was very inventive and hugely entertaining. But like anything, you get used to it, particularly as they ceased to have new weirdness to add after about the 40 minute mark. Eventually it devolved to a bog standard girl-boy romance (although The Incinerator did have to be defeated).

I'm not going to call this a "good" movie, but since we watch movies for entertainment, this one was surely entertaining. I'd love to hear the experience of someone who watched it stoned - would they even believe their own memory of what happened in the movie?