'Red Notice' - Movie Review

"Red Notice" sees Dwayne Johnson as FBI profiler John Hartley. We first see him trying to catch art thief Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds). He comes close, and in the process we learn they're both very smart and very athletic. And that Reynolds is still Reynolds, with that spectacularly obnoxious sense of humour we've seen in movies like "Deadpool" and "Pokémon Detective Pikachu." We also establish that Hartley got his information from "the Bishop," and Booth is in something of a competition with the Bishop, whose dominance in art theft keeps Booth in second place. Shortly after that we learn that Gal Gadot is the Bishop, amused by both of them.

The fights, the sets, and the actors are all perfectly coiffed. None of the actors are overly believable. And it all leads to Nazi loot buried in the jungle in Argentina, like we haven't heard that one before. The plot sees Hartley and Booth teaming up in an attempt to defeat the Bishop - and this (among all the glossy heists and prison breaks) was the least believable thing to me. I'm guessing they let Reynolds improv lines whenever he felt like it - a decision that was probably helped by having a producer who was also named Ryan Reynolds. While these lines are occasionally funny, they're so bitter and nasty, and show such incredible unreliability in his character that no partnership with him could last more than a few hours - never mind the days or weeks it's shown lasting.

Pretty, and intermittently amusing, but mostly disappointing (it's at 35% on Rotten Tomatoes - it's not just me). And yet somehow it's become Netflix's most watched movie ever (or very close to it) and the sequel has been green-lit. A waste of the talents involved.