'Ramen Teh' - Movie Review

This is a Japanese and Singaporean movie about food and family. Our main character is the young Masato (Takumi Saito, who is excellent), who works in his father's Ramen shop. His father's death sends him to Singapore on a quest to better understand the food from his mother's side of the family, and to reconnect with that family. Every major character in the movie either works in a restaurant or is a hard-core foodie: you'll be dying to eat by the end of the movie, I guarantee it. Setting aside the food porn, we have a low-key but really lovely story of a somewhat broken family trying to heal itself across years and the spectre of a long-gone war.

(The movie deserves a special side-note about flashbacks - there are a number of scenes from a decade or a decade and a half ago, and it was easier than any movie I've ever seen to tell which actors are meant to be which other actors. They just looked ... right.)

Beautifully done and highly recommended.