Radical Road Brewing Co. - Brew Pub Review

Radical Road Brewing Co.
1177 Queen Street East, Toronto

Radical Road is a relatively small microbrewery, with a nice space facing onto Queen Street. I had a flight of four beers - apparently they usually have five or six on tap, but a flight is four beers and that's all that was available at the time ...:

  • Cucumber Mint Kolsch
  • "Go For Broke" Kellerbier
  • Yuzu Pale Ale (this one shows up in cans at the LCBO)
    1. Lupulus "Brut" IPA

The Cucumber Mint Kolsch definitely lived up to its name, although the Cucumber was more evident than the Mint. Not my style, but good for what it was. The "Go For Broke" was absolutely not my style, I had a couple sips and gave up. The next was the Yuzu Pale Ale: this I saved for last as it was my favourite of the four. Not as strong flavoured as PAs often are, but with a nice flavour of Yuzu: they have a bottle shop (okay, a bottle fridge), and I bought one of these to go. The last - at least in the recommended drinking order - was the "H. Lupulus Brut" IPA. Like the PA, surprisingly mild for its kind. Drinkable, but not a favourite.

The space isn't very big, with the feel of a traditional bar leaning towards a small pub. A lot of wood, a copper-topped bar, a small patio on the sidewalk on Queen Street. The brewing tanks are in the basement, but some of the brewing equipment and kitchen is at the back of the main floor.

photo: The front of Radical Road - what can I say, it was garbage day ...

two storey front facade painted stark light gray on dark gray with their logo ... plus garbage bins

photo: The beer menu when I was there

the four beers named above, plus an Oktoberfest beer that's crossed out

photo: My flight of beers

four sample-sized beers in a classic wood flight paddle

photo: The sales fridge

Their Red, Yuzu, and Cucumber Mint(?) beers for sale