'Prince Caspian' - Book Review

Prince Caspbian
by C. S. Lewis
Puffin, 190 pages

Part of "The Chronicles of Narnia," this sees the four children from "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" drawn out of England and back to Narnia in a time of Narnia's greatest need (a year later for them, but over 1000 years for Narnia). "Prince Caspian" of the title is one of the long line of Telmarine invaders, but his family has ruled well (you know, aside from killing all the talking animals and suppressing all knowledge of them, but that's just glossed over ...) up until his uncle usurped the throne. Caspian is now on the run, leading a revolution of Narnian animals and giants.

Once again, White Saviour and Deus ex Machina save the day. The story is enjoyable, and gets added weight from some people actually being killed in this book (not many and not too threatening, we wouldn't want to scare the children).