'Preacher' Season 2 - TV Review

I made the mistake of describing "Preacher" Season 1 as "batshit crazy:" the problem isn't so much that I was wrong, but that having done so leaves me very little descriptive room when the second season doubled down. Not only does one of our characters spend most of the season in Hell, but he becomes buddies with Hitler. Yes, they played the Hitler card. And Noah Taylor looks like he's having a grand old time playing the part, but that's not precisely the point ...

Preacher (Dominic Cooper) is looking for God - he's pretty sure that God is in New Orleans (because God likes jazz). Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun as a 120 year old Irish vampire) and Tulip (Ruth Negga as Preacher's girlfriend) are along for the ride. This season introduces "The Grail," an organization that preserves the lineage of Jesus Christ and awaits the apocalypse while preventing the rise of alternate narratives to the Bible. And Herr Starr the ruthless (and absurd) leader of the Grail. Oh - and then there's the harvesting of souls.

Like the first season, this one is weird and uneven with moments of brilliance, absurdity, and mediocrity. My biggest problem with this season was the transformation of Tulip, who went from being an incredibly strong woman in the first season to being almost weepy and beaten because the Saint kicked her ass. Has she never lost a fight in her entire life? And why did we spend six episodes on her being so bummed out? Now that we've gone seriously over-the-top (pretty sure the third season will go even further), I'm actually not enjoying it as much. Still enjoyable though.