Physical Media or Netflix?

My younger friends and co-workers have made it clear that I'm eccentric in the extreme for buying physical media such as BluRay movies and music CDs. And I've occasionally wondered if they aren't correct in their disdain for space-consuming and expensive discs. But Netflix chose to provide me with a thoroughly concrete example of why I'm right (at least for my own use cases).

I started watching the TV show "Bones" a few weeks ago. On November 30th, I watched the second episode of the third season. On December 1st I returned to watch the third episode. Oddly, "Bones" had vanished from my "Recently Watched" section, so I searched for it. I found that while they used to have all 12 seasons, they now have seasons six and seven.

I admit "Bones" isn't a theatrical masterwork, but it's fun and I was enjoying watching it. It was annoying to have it yanked away like that. I admit I wouldn't have paid for the DVDs, but Netflix no-warning disappearing act is really unpleasant and if I'd been half-way through a good movie or something like "The Night Of" I would have gone ballistic.

"Bones" doesn't have significant re-watch value so I'm not saying I think I should have bought that on DVD or BluRay. But I'm going to go on buying movies (and even TV series) I like so I'm not dependent on Netflix and its ilk and their vanishing product.

Follow-up: In the early morning hours of December 8th, they jettisoned the seventh season (I was three and a half episodes in), leaving us with only the sixth season.