'Nobody' - Movie Review

Bob Odenkirk plays Hutch Mansell, a guy who appears to be stuck in a crap 9-to-5 job and a dull family life. But we rapidly find out that he's got some serious skills when a break-in at his house shows him choosing NOT to use those skills ... and then he takes a bus ride late at night essentially praying for a fight - and he proceeds to take out five Russian gangsters on his own (this is in the trailer, and fairly early in the film). Unfortunately, he hospitalizes the brother of a seriously unhinged Russian gangster, which leads to more fighting and gun-play (or we wouldn't have a movie).

The action strikes a perfect balance - for me at least - between bloody realism and bravado. Hutch absorbs a lot of damage, but Odenkirk totally sells Hutch working through it. He's ... focussed. How they can take "John Wick" and remove the Gun Fu and Keanu Reeves and still have a story as good as this is pretty amazing. I mean - they even have the same nasty Russians, and the same rescue pet at the end. Hutch makes a couple attempts to explain his skills by talking to people he's already beat up ... but they keep dying on him. It's a clever conceit to fill the audience in on why he's as skilled as he is. Odenkirk is great as the world-weary lead who wants a peaceful life ... but who also kind of misses the violence of his previous profession, and most of the success of the movie is down to him. But the action's really good too. One of the best action movies of the last several years.