'The 9th Precinct' - Movie Review

Available on Netflix. One has to assume that a nation as large as China - particularly now it's become such an economic force in the world - is probably cranking out movies like nobody's business. Probably to the point that Netflix is getting them in very cheap bulk deals. This is one of those.

Chen Chia-Hao (Roy Chiu) is a young and idealistic cop dropped by the force because he insists that a ghost saved his life in a traffic stop gone wrong. He's shortly rehired by "the 9th precinct" which deals with ghosts - to be hired there, you have to be able to see the ghosts in the first place.

Chen wants to go after a serial killer after his new department finds a mass grave of young women (and their spirits), but his superior warns him off: they only handle ghosts. But he persists, and there are consequences.

Mediocre acting, mediocre writing, and mediocre production values leave us with an unsurprisingly mediocre film. It was at least mildly entertaining because it was kind of different.