'Ne Zha' - Movie Review

Also known as "Nezha."

The movie starts by introducing you to its own blend of Chinese myth and folk tales, starting with the creation of a "Chaos Pearl." Two immortals and a god set about splitting it into its good and evil halves, with the evil half to be destroyed by a lightning strike in three years. Both halves become children, although they are of course semi-god-like. The child Ne Zha, birthed of the "Demon Pill" half of the Chaos Pearl is unruly and very dangerous (and starts talking pretty much as soon as he's out of the womb), so his parents are forced to keep him entirely on their property. He's bored - and proves very good at escaping and causing trouble.

The story is mostly about Ne Zha, his behaviour and growth. But it's also about his parents, and the creature birthed from the other half of the Chaos Pearl. And of course the inevitable showdown.

I wasn't a huge fan of the artwork for most of the humans and human-like creatures in the movie - particularly Ne Zha himself, because we have to look at him the most. But aside from that, the artwork is often quite beautiful. The broad story arc is unsurprising (child from an evil source raised by good parents ... how do you think that will end in a kids film?), but pretty quirky and reasonably entertaining along the way.