Map of Myanmar with my route drawn on in red

The original map is from the CIA World Factbook 2002 ... So I find it peculiar that they're using old names: "Rangoon" instead of "Yangon," "Prome" for "Pyay," and "Pegu" for ... I'm not quite sure what. "Pegu" is the old name for Bago, but Bago is down near Yangon. Even if they'd confused it with Bagan, they put it in the wrong place.

I flew from Bangkok to Yangon on November 1st. I stayed in Yangon until the 8th, then made the arduous bus trip to Taunggyi on the 8th and 9th. On the 13th I took a pickup to Nyaungshwe near Inle Lake. On the 17th I went to Heho and caught a flight (all 25 minutes of it) to Mandalay. I will shortly take a bus to Bagan, where I'll be for a couple days, and then I'll head back to Yangon for a couple days, and then back to Bangkok.