'Mon Chien Stupide' / 'My Dog Stupid' - Movie Review

Yvan Attal plays Henri Mohen (he also directed and had a hand in writing the movie), a writer who once wrote a great novel, but hasn't written anything good in years. He has a wife (played by Attal's real-life long-time partner, Charlotte Gainsbourg), and four children that he immediately declares he'd be happy to trade for a new Porsche. I was never entirely clear on how serious he was about that: probably "fairly" - the man is kind of an ass. When a very large, horny, and stupid dog invites himself into their home, Henri declares that the dog stays.

The official labelling of this movie seems to be "comedy," but being French, they manage to work in a passable plot and some drama, so I think "comedy-drama" would be a better designation. And it is often quite funny. Pretty good.