My Addiction

Lao coffee with condensed milk.

This is the traditional way to serve coffee in Laos: generally in a clear glass with the 6 mm of condensed milk at the bottom not yet stirred in. The coffee is made by putting the ground bean in a bag that looks pretty much like a white gym sock and running hot water through it. The bags tend to turn a nasty brown pretty soon, and undoubtedly add to the flavour in their own way. I'm careful to specify "Lao coffee" because they sometimes think foreigners would prefer Nescafe.

The two best places I've found to have coffee in Laos so far (I know that this will help somebody!) are the Organic Farm Cafe in Vang Vieng, where not only is the coffee excellent but the cups are huge, and the Lao-Paris Restaurant in Savannakhet, unwitting providers of the photo above. The coffee is rich with a hint of chocolate, absolutely delicious. Lao-Paris also serves fabulous baguettes with butter, which together with the coffee make a fantastic breakfast.