'Murder on Devil's Bridge' - Movie Review

Intro to the "Murder in ..." series here.

French title: "Le Pont du Diable." Our police woman protagonist (Elodie Frenck) is summoned to the very small French town where her mother and wheelchair-bound brother live to look at the apparent suicide of the mayor at Devil's Bridge.

My first response was to use Wikipedia to try to find Devil's Bridge. Wikipedia told me "There are 49 Devil's Bridges in France." But this turns out to be one of the better known ones - in Hérault in south central France. The nearby small town where they set most of the scenes is one of those places that probably looks commonplace to someone who lives in France, but makes a North American weep at the beauty. Compared to the other movies in this series, they do a number of crane (or drone) shots over the town throughout just to look pretty rather than actually advancing the plot ... and I didn't mind at all. The murder(s) felt a bit far-fetched, but the characters and the rhythm of the place the story was set in worked well, so I enjoyed it.