'Murder in the Tarentaise Valley' - Movie Review

Original French title: "Roches Noires," which is the name of the tiny town (fictional, I think) in the Tarentaise Valley of France, where the movie happens.

My complaint about the first I saw in the "Murder in ..." series ("Murder in the Auvergne Mountains" which also includes some commentary on the series as a whole) was that it was pretty much devoid of travel porn when that's at least half of what the series is about. This entry in the series remedies that problem: our police man arrives right at the beginning to find that only road to the tiny town he's going to is blocked by an avalanche, and he has to do an hour hike in dragging his suitcase. It's the middle of winter, and this is how you show off scenery: opening credits of your police man following an utterly gorgeous trail through the valley. And they had the sense to set many of the scenes outdoors, leaving me desperately wanting to go to the Tarentaise Valley. The mystery, like the last one, was moderately okay, but the characters were fairly good and I really enjoyed this one.