'Murder in the Jura Mountains' - Movie Review

Original French title: "Meurtres dans le Jura." Another episode of the French TV series "Murder in ..."

A healer in the Jura mountains is found dead, and witnesses - one with a camera - claim the murder was committed by the local ghost "The White Lady". Two cops from local families who have been feuding for 50 years over the building of a local dam are forced to work together, and the male police officer (Pierre-Yves Bon) is the grandson of the victim ... (Is that allowed? Personal involvement and all that ...). Regional oddities (in this case "healers") are taken at face value and not examined closely: at least the ghost story doesn't get a pass. Lessons are learned, history is revealed, and of course there's romance. But the logic isn't great (particularly not the female officer (Sandrine Quétier) re-enacting her father's death scene for no reason) and the construction is a bit sloppy all around.