Moto Driver Waiting for Work

Moto driver lying on his motorcycle reading the paper

Have I mentioned how incredibly annoying moto drivers are? I don't think I have. But I did mention the tuk-tuk drivers a long while back. Same deal. If you're near a tourist attraction, a train or bus station, or the backpacker ghetto, you'll be assaulted about five or six times per block. "Hey!" "Where you going sir?" "WHOOO!!" (to get your attention if you're not looking at them.) "How are you today?" To all of which the answer is "No thank you," often not adequate to dissuade them - they know you need a ride somewhere. Or tomorrow. Or, occasionally, they know where you can get a good "massage." Between harassing passerby, this is what they usually look like. How you sleep on a scooter I do not know, but they can.