'Monster Hunter' - Movie Review

Based on a video game, this movie sees Army Ranger Natalie Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her small crew transported from the desert in our world to a desert on "The New World." She eventually teams up with "the Hunter" (Tony Jaa) to survive the extraordinarily large and nasty monsters that exist in the New World.

An announcement at the end of the movie that surprised me a bit (I think I knew once but forgot): the director was Paul W.S. Anderson. The same man who directed (or produced) his wife Milla Jovovich in all six "Resident Evil" movies. This has all the qualities of that series. The special effects are pretty good, but the story is awful - and trust me, no one is even bothering to think about the quality of their acting. And, just like "Resident Evil," this sets itself up for a sequel because Anderson and Jovovich would love to have another high grossing, critically nauseating series. Considering the box office grosses six months after release, (2021-06: only about $41 million worldwide), we may be fortunate to not see another.