'Monsoon' (2019) - Movie Review

Henry Goulding is Kit, a 36 year old man who was born in Vietnam, but hasn't been back since he was six. He grew up in England and doesn't really speak Vietnamese. But now he's back in Ho Chi Minh City (still occasionally called Saigon), trying to figure out where to scatter his parents' ashes.

This is a very leisurely-paced movie - and it's more of a gay romance than a drama. Comments from director Hong Khaou quoted in Wikipedia suggest that he thought that the movie was about Kit forging a connection with his birth country: there's a bit of that, but it felt like it was more about Kit connecting with an American man in Saigon.

I enjoyed seeing Vietnam again (the whole thing was filmed in the country), but was uninspired by the characters and the movie itself.