'Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop' - Movie Review

Opens with a short intro to the childhood of our protagonist: Miss Willoughby was orphaned young, and her father's American brother-at-arms comes the UK to raise her - he plays to her intellect, but also makes her become very good at physical things (particularly martial arts). She teaches "Ancient Civilization" at university, but is clearly already a detective on the side when we meet her adult self (Nathalie Cox).

The story sees the owner of a bookshop that Miss Willoughby frequents being haunted. Willoughby - with the assistance of her godfather (Kelsey Grammer) who still lives with her - tracks down what's really going on.

Feels like a made-for-TV movie, with most of the bad connotations that used to have. It also feels like the fifth in a mystery series. It's not bad - it's certainly not great.