'Love, Death & Robots' Season 2 - Review

Season 1 review.

The second season of "Love, Death + Robots" arrived near the beginning of May. There were eight episodes this time instead of 18 as last time - a major disappointment. And less variety, which was one of the great appeals of the previous season. Several of the episodes seemed to be using video game engines to do their animation - you can do great artwork in those, but when you use it for human faces you drop into the uncanny valley. That also gives a certain feeling of homogeneity to the episodes that used it.

The stand-out names were Michael B. Jordan acting in the final episode (his face was live action I think, the rest animated), and Jennifer Yuh Nelson directing the 3rd episode. Jordan's acting was fine, but not exceptional. Yuh Nelson is perhaps best known for "Kung Fu Panda 2" and "3," both of which are excellent. But here she goes with a particularly reductive story idea, and decidedly uncanny-valley visuals for an episode that stood out more for its mediocrity than its brilliance.

I don't think the episodes in this year were, individually, noticeably worse than those in the previous year. But thinking about that has made me realize that what made the previous year's work so interesting was the sheer variety. And a significantly shorter season means we're lacking that variety this time around. Disappointing. Let's hope that the end of COVID-19 means the next season (if there is one) is more varied.