'Lost Bullet' - Movie Review

The French don't make action movies nearly as often as Hollywood. But when they do - it's almost always more interesting. Some critics (not that many bothered with a French Netflix action movie) argued it was formulaic. Yes, but also well thought out with interesting characters and some wicked good action.

Lino is a mechanic who makes jacked-up cars for crimes. He's an excellent mechanic ... but not a particularly skilled criminal. He's caught and sent to jail. But a cop sees his skills, and gets him out of jail to help the cop's team catch the "go fast" gangs that have been evading them. Lino works in the police garage, likes his boss, etc. But then he's framed for murder. And here's the shocking twist: he escapes custody to prove his innocence. I suspect I'm not the only person who's heard that one so many times before they've lost count. However ... within that framework, the twists are still unexpected and the action is really good. I really enjoyed this one.