'Locke' - Movie Review

Tom Hardy is Ivan Locke, who exits a construction site and gets in his car in the first two minutes of the movie. The entire rest of the movie consists of Hardy driving his car and talking on his phone. That's it. His whole life falls apart on this drive. Locke is a very principled and controlling kind of guy, and he's made a decision he's going to stick with, no matter what.

I can't fault Hardy's acting, which is - as always - excellent. But this is the most visually unrewarding movie I've ever seen in my life. And despite recently concluding that story was more important than visuals ... well, just, please, GIVE ME SOMETHING. It seems they went out of their way to show out of focus lights and Hardy's face in reflection, and the panel of the car. The story's not terrible, and I kind of get why some people like this, but I flat-out hated it - a huge disappointment.