'Little Big Soldier' - Movie Review

I don't think this one got much fanfare or any kind of release on this side of the Pacific: it's a Hong Kong film for an HK and Chinese audience. Starring and written by Jackie Chan.

Set during China's "Warring States" period, Chan is only one of two survivors of a battle in which 3000 men died - and he managed that by faking death. The other survivor is an injured enemy general (Leehom Wang), who Chan drags off as his captive. There are multiple reversals - a duplicitous young woman, politics, a tribe of "natives," soldiers from both sides of the battle ... It is, almost inevitably, a buddy movie.

Chan's acrobatics have slowed down significantly. The drama was somewhat better than your average Jackie Chan movie, but unfortunately that hasn't actually upgraded it to "good." It's not a bad movie, but it's hardly a work of art. And since I watch Chan's movies for the acrobatics, this was disappointing.