'Late Night' - Movie Review

Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) hosts a long-running but fading late night TV talk show. Molly Patel (Mindy Kaling) is the somewhat accidental hire to Newbury's writer's room, the only woman (and an Indian one at that) in an all male, and all white, crowd. She has almost zero writing experience, but loves the show and starts spouting opinions.

The movie is exceptionally heavy-handed in its views about gender diversity and racial diversity. They name and mock "White Saviour," while making the film about a young female saviour. What I found far worse was that Kaling wrote herself as that saviour: it reeked of "look how good and important I am." It would have been more tolerable if she had written it for someone else, or someone else had written it for her.

The movie is funny: Thompson brings good acting to a somewhat overblown role (her character is a bit too much of everything she is to be believable, even in Thompson's hands), and her comedic timing is very good. Kaling's comedy is good, her acting is okay. John Lithgow manages to be charming in a role that's barely written beyond "supportive husband." The ending screams out "if you're diversified you'll succeed." I'm not disagreeing with that - I'm disagreeing with the delivery, which is with a sledgehammer. My head still hurts from the blow.